Forget the slush pile…now the whole world’s a manuscript!

Let us source and manage your content creation.

Picture an editor sitting in her towering New York office. She’s thumbing through The Chicago Manual of Style and tapping her pica ruler, waiting impatiently for the next manuscript. Those days are gone. Information is everywhere, and sadly, most of it doesn’t work.

That’s why we’ve created our own “Agency Approach” for smart content. We aren’t just technical writers who find and review technical writers, or literary types who actually understand Joyce’s Finnegans Wake (or at least say they do). We hurl ourselves into the digital world’s ever-expanding pool of talent and find the right match for your needs.

Creative -- Professional -- Educational -- Training

Once a project is classified, the assigned writer is first vetted to assure his or her skills are suited for the task. After that, his or her work passes through a creative review stage to make sure the style is clean, natural, and effective.

We put the art in smart content.

This is where the art of review comes in. Sometimes a SME who writes educational content on pharmacology could use a quick style tip from a guy who majored in 19th century French Symbolist poetry…and has a minor in Surrealist Multidimensional Allegories (Yeah, that’s not a thing, but you get the point). Our collaborative approach means you’ll better connect with your audience and get the most out of your content.

Educational Content Service

“So many writers master form and technique, but get so little feeling into their work.”
Maxwell Perkins, Editor for Ernest Hemingway


  • Academic Content for Target Markets
  • Consumer Instructional Content
  • Online Training and Educational Content
  • Leadership and Business Inspirational (Nonfiction Agency)

The Emerson Agency is a unique blend of PhD academics paired with writing specialists and creatives. Our energy comes from years of publishing experience combined with emerging global inroads to academic specialists. These experts range from microbiologists to rural sociologists, and for the first time, they’re all accessible.

Much of this convergence is due to industry changes as publishers and colleges face disruptive technologies and audience shift. Though we lament the fading away of paper, our team sees a rebirth in the vitality of content and its ability to reach new audiences. Whereas ideas were once localized to students in a classroom and publishers coveted their contracted authors, everyone and every idea can now go global in an instant. Never before has the role of creative editor been so important.

Editorial Support

“Art is Quality Workmanship.”
W. Lethaby – Arts and Crafts Movement


  • Project Management
  • Instructional Design
  • Developmental Services
  • Curriculum Development
  • Acquisitions Assistance
  • Translation / Localization

One thing that’s true everywhere is that skillful and reliable project managers are critical. Our group is deeply rooted in editorial project management with years of experience in topics ranging from STEM to the humanities, copywriting, and even fiction. Our developmental and instructional design services are perfect for textbooks as well as online education programs and training programs.

Although historically most acquisitions tasks were harbored in-house, the advent of remote communication allowed change in this area. Our agency services will manage and grow an existing list, or work with an outside publishing client such as an association or corporate partnership. We also consult on a variety of unique editorial topics, such as trends in online education or the use of offshore editorial and content sources.

Global Content Sourcing

“If you be King, why should not I succeed?”
Shakespeare, Henry VI

There’s a world of new content waiting out there!

  • Specialty SME/Writer Placement
  • Agency and Author Consultation Services
  • Author Acquisitions and Representation
  • Specialty Copywriters (Story-Style Advertorial, Blog, Newsletter, Native)

Yes, content is still king, but our years in recruiting have taught us that it’s not practical to search randomly for talent from the same sources. Deeply knowledgeable sources of content are now available on a global level and from many different sources.

An organization sourcing on its own faces many challenges, including the time and cost of vetting and verifying that your SME, editor, or writer is truly vested in your project. Then there’s turnover, which is high in the freelance arena. Going back to square one on any project is disastrous for your budget and the quality of the work. At some point you’ll probably tap all the avenues of finding specialty content.

At Emerson Agency, we network through trusted global partners who have placed the reputation of their organizations on the quality of their SME-Writers. Our talent is pooled from both academic and educational publishing fields.

Specialties: (Sources pulled from the United States, Asia, and India)
Nursing | Medical | Math | Technology | Psychology | Sociology | Spirituality | Global Lifestyle | Business Leadership | Inspiration

Content Analysis

“The voyage of the best ship is a zigzag line of a hundred tacks.”
R.W. Emerson

Actually, experts aren’t always so good at explaining things. Let us review your content and tell you why.

The way we see it, today’s best content consists of small “interest blocks” that lead readers on a wondrous journey of epiphanies. That may seem like an exaggeration (“…a wondrous journey of epiphanies”—seriously?) but expectations are high and attention spans are low, especially among young readers. We totally get this. We all used to read voluminous 19th century classics. Now we use them to prop up our laptops at our standup desks.

The problem is that many educational experts (and even marketing writers) are still caught in the “more is better” mindset. They try to stuff too many ideas into a single long paragraph, or they completely miss what the audience needs. In almost all cases, the reader desires to solve a problem, get an “edge,” or entertain himself. There’s a place for the furrowed brow, like when reading Kierkegaard, but for most readers, it’s best to get right to it and make it stick.

That’s why our “Agency Approach” to reviewing content works. It adds the input of a creative who’ll tell that SME writing about career pathways to podiatry to bust an occasional contraction, for gosh sake, or tell that engineer to write a funny, tension-easing lead-in every now and then.

Graphics and Animation

“I am of a temperament that needs the written word. For anything to have meaning, it has to be set down, it must live on paper before it is fully alive in my head. It has to be a series of words in a sequence in order to reveal a meaning and pattern.”
Anuradha Roy, All the Lives We Never Lived

Online courses and eBooks are the future, no doubt. We love our paper books here, but we’re also energized and committed to making the future online experience as captivating as possible for students and readers.

  • Graphics and Original Art Services
  • Animation Services (full educational cartoon and marketing-based sketch videos)
  • Book and eBook formatting
  • Writers (creative and educational) and developers for scripting

Who We Are

Emerson Probst

Executive Editor

Starting as a bookstore manager in the late 1980s, I’ve work from the editorial floor on up to author acquisitions and publisher. My experience includes the content creation end of the spectrum (as a published writer myself) on through to managing production departments, as I did for Brookes Publishing in Maryland. As publisher of stock trading books in the early 2000s, I traveled extensively, sometimes literally chasing prospective authors down hallways at conventions just to ask them to dinner.

I’ve also paid my editorial dues. For nearly ten years I worked as an editorial project manager for a large production house, developing manuscripts for educational biggies like Pearson, Wiley, Addison-Wesley and Running Press, where I managed the manuscript of Stephen Hawking’s “God Created the Integers.” My years at the editorial desk gave me a deep appreciation for the long hours and commitment that authors invest in their books or online programs.

My knowledge of self-publishing was also learned on the front lines. In 2007, I opened my own publishing group where I developed and packaged “Jazzocracy” by Kabir Sehgal, which was endorsed by President Jimmy Carter and with a foreword by Douglas Brinkley. This experience gave me a deep insight into the complexity of self-publishing tactics, including the many financial tightropes authors walk along that course. It’s an industry that continues to grow worldwide, and one that I’m proud to be a part of.

Dr. Dani Babb

Content Partner

Dr. Dani Babb is the CEO and Founder of The Babb Group. Her operation stands at the forefront of working with professors and educators to succeed in the growing global market of online education. The Emerson Agency works along with the Babb team to foster educational content writers in all disciplines, and to supply the highest level of instructional design services for the publishing industry.

Ajay Sinha

Director of Projects and Operations

Rising PubTech | Strategic Partner

I have more than 18 years of experience in print and digital Project management and production. My day-to-day oversight includes an extremely detailed involvement in offshore client management systems. I maintain a lead role in project set up, execution, ensuring a product's delivery with quality outcomes and to every client's expectation.

Arising PubTech E-Learning Private Limited is an emerging name in the print and publishing world. Based in Delhi, India, our Pre-Press production house caters to all your print & digital-related needs.

We specialize in a wide array of print and digital solutions delivered through a team of skilled and versatile members with more than 20 years of experience working for the top publishers of the US and UK.

Our strategic partnership with Emerson Agency allows us to offer the full components of online and printed educational products.

Janet Wehner

Managing Editor

Janet Wehner has more than 15 years of experience in the publishing field as a production editor, copyeditor, and proofreader. She served as Senior Production Editor at Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co. for 10 years. She specializes in copyediting curriculums, assessments, and textbooks about children with disabilities. Ms. Wehner graduated summa cum laude from Towson University with a bachelor of arts degree in English language and literature with minors in math and Spanish.

Chloe Saron

Digital Media Producer

In the Spring of 2019, after 5 years as the Operations Manager and Social Media Producer of a prestigious contemporary art gallery in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Chloe Saron joined the team at Emerson Agency. She fuses her education in Fine Art and her experience in gallery marketing to specialize in today’s most relevant content platforms and digital designs. As a millennial in the arts, Chloe brings with her a fresh and current vision to the world of online education.

Connect With Us

We welcome an opportunity to discuss your project needs and thank you for your interest in the Emerson Agency. If you wish to submit chapters of content for review for agency consideration, please send to